We work with you or your designer with over 100 available marble plaster colours to customise to any colour scheme you want & re-create any style from stone to highly polished marble. Venetian plastering always gives each wall a unique, artisan finish. Which ever you choose, you are inspired by its beauty & elegance. Venetian Marble Plaster has been used for centuries & the look is nearly indistinguishable from a sheet of cut marble.

Stucco Veneziano

History of Venice and Plater

In Italy, stucco veneziano means interior venetian plasters. Venetian plaster is a modern design term for the marble decorations now associated with Venice. Adding marble to plaster developed under The Romans & the art was lost until Italian Renaissance re-discovered it. Then wealthy merchants in Venice demanded the opulence of other Italian cities but needed lighter materials for their watery, marsh foundations.

Interior designers found a few millimetres of "Stucco Veneziano" or marble plaster gives the same visual effect as a 5cm sheet of cut marble for a fraction of the cost! So this ancient building material, which originates with simple lime & marble, can re-create any colour or style from stone to highly polished marble. There are further well-known variations such as Marmorino & Travetino.


This polished plaster surface is smooth & glossy, with a wonderful sense of depth. Marmorino has large marble grains, creating bigger movements between light & shade. Marmorino is considered one of the highest quality interior finishing products. It is made from Grassello lime putty & minerals. "Marmorino con coccio" is an old Venice classic, using terracotta's fired colour to give a warm, decorative finish. Alternatively a popular "Marmorino Stucco" offers a finer grained marmorino for an even smoother polished finish.


Travertino Venetian plaster is created so as to give the look & feel of natural travertine stone. This venetian plaster is characterised by the dragged pits & troughs within the smooth surface.

Contact Giovanni Partipilo today for more advice on getting an authentic Italian finish. With the help of an artisan plasterer from Italy with decades of experience, create a sophisticated environment (from offices to villas) using elegant Italian stucco, expressing your style.