Prices for Venetian Plastering

Our plastering prices start at £45 per square meter, rising to £90 per sq. m. for smaller areas - less than 10 sq. m. Venetian polished plasterers all offer a variety of polished plaster finishes. Venetian stucco is our most common application. Typical large volume rates (£45 per square meter) begin at 75 meters squared. Specialised venetian plaster finishes can cost more.

Polished Plaster Prices - Calculate Your Own Estimate

marble finish on ceiling

Let's say your room measures 4 by 4 meters with 2.5 meter ceiling height. Add together the four wall lengths (4+4+4+4=16). Next times by 2.5 (your ceiling height.) So, your TOTAL SQ. M. IS 40 SQ. M.

Now subtract doors & windows etc! Let's say you have 1 standard door & 2 windows. Standard doors that are 2 SQ. M. & standard windows 1.5 SQ M. Total amount to deduct: (1x2+2x1.5) which equals 5 SQ. M.

Final total area for pricing is 40 SQ. M. MINUS 5 SQ. M. which equals 35 SQ. M.

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