Bowcliffe Hall Restoration Project

"Local polished plaster expert, Giovanni Partipilo, brought great expertise to our 200-year-old restoration project. I’m immensely proud of what these designers & craftsmen achieved." - Jonathan Turner, CEO (Bayford Properties, Bramham, Wetherby.)

Noona Interiors Furniture Shop

"I recommend this Italian plasterer & team from Harrogate. Our black interior feature wall is beautiful. He offers both a touch of glitz & a touch of style, as we do, to suit your pocket." - Natalie Dunn, owner of Noona Interiors in Idle (298 Leeds Road, Bradford.)

Homeowner in Alderley Edge village, Cheshire

"Italian Decor from Harrogate were prepared to travel, took on the job quickly & delivered all we asked. Our white marmarino ceiling, gold partitions & black metallic Romanesque pillars add some sparkle to our home. They are fab!" - Paul

Hotel & Oriental Restaurant - Studley Hotel & Orchid

"I would recommend the stone work by Giovanni. His travertine finish gives a light texture." - Bokmun Chan, M.D. of The Studley Hotel & Orchid (28 Swan Road, Harrogate.)

marble finish on ceiling

Italian Restaurant in Harrogate - L'Albero Delle Noci

"Italian Decor did a good job. Around the bar, Italian plaster walls & ceiling are all their work. In Italy we say 'casa mia e' casa tua!' He started young in a family business, like me in southern Italy. You can rely on his gold standard honesty." - Franco De Blasio, owner chef (L'Albero Delle Noci, 31 Cheltenham Crescent, Harrogate.)